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Mastering Your Digital Destiny

How insurers can prepare for an ecosystem future

According to McKinsey, by the end of this year, more than 50% of large enterprises will create or partner with industry platforms. The future insurance industry will be dominated by ecosystems. But what has led to this development and how can insurers begin to prepare?

TIA Technology’s Director of Product Management Anders Skovlykke Knudsen has some answers.

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About TIA Technology

Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, TIA Technology provides an open, scalable, standard software platform to insurance companies around the world. With over 20 years of software and services experience and more than 60 customers globally, TIA has deep insight into insurance business processes. Offering the full scope of expert implementation, application management and hosting services, TIA also ensures their customers keep control of costs, achieve a faster time to market and gain more business value.

Anders Skovlykke Knudsen

Mastering Your Digital Destiny

“The digital ecosystem will be the tool insurers use to mine, maintain and leverage their customer data, which is why the ecosystem has become so important to the future of insurance companies.”