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The need for speed in insurance product testing

In an innovate-or-die market environment, some of today’s most successful insurers are expediting product testing to get targeted products to consumers faster.

InsurTechs are delivering ideas and solutions that in some cases are launching insurers onto a more competitive playing field. But many insurers are simply unable to take advantage of emerging technologies and basic innovation because they are struggling with legacy IT systems and traditional operating processes.

TIA CIO, Thomas Illum shares his insights.

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About TIA Technology

Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, TIA Technology provides an open, scalable, standard software platform to insurance companies around the world. With over 20 years of software and services experience and more than 60 customers globally, TIA has deep insight into insurance business processes. Offering the full scope of expert implementation, application management and hosting services, TIA also ensures their customers keep control of costs, achieve a faster time to market and gain more business value.

Thomas Illum CIO, TIA Technology

“Many of today’s traditional insurers have been operating for 50 to 100 years or more. Unfortunately, their legacy systems are no longer equipped to take advantage of today’s most compelling competitive technologies such as AI or machine learning.”